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Fees and Holidays

Fee Schedule (effective 01 July 2019)

Age Daily Rate
(full fees before Child Care Subsidy applied)
0 - 2 years $104.00
2 - 3 years $102.00
3 - 6 years $100.00

Payment of Fees

  • Fees : All Centres fees are payable one week in advance at all times
  • Booking Fees : On enrolment we will ask you to nominate permanent attendance days for your child. Please speak with our Centre Director if you would like to change your child's booked days.
  • Holidays : Families are eligible for up to 20 days at a reduced rate each financial year based on their normal weekly attendance pattern (four weeks of normal booked days). If you would like to apply for this reduced rate please provide written notice at least two weeks before the planned absence.
  • Public Holidays / Sick Days : Fees are payable for the days that your child is booked into the Centre. Sign In / Out sheets must be signed and the Centre notified of any absences. Fees are still payable for all Public Holidays.
  • Late Fees : If you are not able to collect your child before the Centres closing time please phone ahead to let us know. That way we can reassure your child if they became upset. A late fee of $1 per minute may be applied to your account at our Centre Director's discretion.
  • Overdue Fees : Fees must be kept up to date. Your child's position at the Centre will be reviewed after two weeks if fees are not paid.
  • Ceasing Enrolments : If you wish to cease your child's enrolment at our centre, then you are requested to provide two weeks written notice and are responsible to pay all outstanding fees. If sufficient notice is not provided you are responsible for the two weeks full fees in lieu of notice.

Please Note : CCB cannot be claimed on any absences after your child's last day of attendance at your centre.

  • Child Care Benefit : Eligible families can apply for the Commonwealth Government's Child Care Benefit to assist with the cost of early education and care. More information about Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate, including eligibility requirements, is available from the Family Assistance Office (FAO).
  • Allowable Absences : Child Care Benefit can be claimed for 42 absences each financial year. Please complete the attendance register, specifying the reason for the absence, when you return to care to ensure that Child Care Benefit can be applied.

As a Centre we are always concerned about the welfare of each of our children, and appreciate knowing how your child is doing when they are absent from our Centre.

Queensland Kindergarten Funding

You may be eligible for low or no-cost kindy to eligible families.
You will be eligible if you:

  • hold a current Australian Government Health Care Card (or have a child who does).
  • are a foster family with a current Australian Government Health Care Card.
  • identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (or have a child who does).
  • have 3 or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year.

The subsidy can be claimed once only, even if you meet multiple criteria.
Please contact the centre Director for further information or visit the website http://www.deta.qld.gov.au/earlychildhood/families/kindy

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