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Centre Values

In relation to children, we:

  • Create a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere, where children can feel secure and are happy.
  • Show genuine love and concern for the children in our care.
  • Cater for the needs of each child. We promote the healthy development of physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills in every child.
  • Facilitate their involvement in small group, whole group and individual learning experiences throughout the day. Planned and spontaneous experiences are based on the needs and interests of individual children and the group.
  • Provide opportunities to explore language, music and movement, science and the arts - all of which help children to make sense of their world.
  • Encourage children to value and respect each other's differences while promoting the development of a positive sense of self.
  • Create a learning environment that encourages children to interact, take on roles and to develop relationships with peers and teachers through play.
  • Provide each child with the time they need for meals, rest and relaxation.

In relation to families and the broader community, we:

  • Respect the rights and opinions of parents and the community. Parent participation and the involvement of the local community is encouraged.

In relation to the centre environment, we:

  • Provide a safe and well supervised learning environment.

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